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tat kṣetraṁ yac ca yādṛk ca
yad-vikāri yataś ca yat
sa ca yo yat-prabhāvaś ca
tat samāsena me śṛṇu

tat — that; kṣetram — field of activities; yat — what; ca — also; yādṛk — as it is; ca — also; yat — having what; vikāri — changes; yataḥ — from which; ca — also; yat — what; saḥ — he; ca — also; yaḥ — who; yat — having what; prabhāvaḥ — influence; ca — also; tat — that; samāsena — in summary; me — from Me; śṛṇu — understand.

Now please hear My brief description of this field of activity and how it is constituted, what its changes are, whence it is produced, who that knower of the field of activities is, and what his influences are.



. . .

तत्क्षेत्रं यच्च‍ यादृक्‍च यद्विकारि यतश्च यत् ।
स च यो यत्प्रभावश्च तत्समासेन मे श‍ृणु ॥ ४ ॥

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