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Lessons From Mahabharat

Which devotional service is most dear to Krishna and why?

No seva is higher and no seva is lower. Any seva rendered with love consistently is

very important. Some people do amazing seva, but then you don't see them for months together. Ahaituky apratihata yayatma suprasidati. Unconditional devotional service without expecting any result and stability is important. According to acharyas, there is one seva that is not done in the spiritual world, and that is preaching. This is transformed to Harinam Sankirtan -chanting of the Holy Names in the spiritual world. So do as much as possible. Apart from that, all sevas are equal.

Can you expand on why no one has the right to blame anyone except Guru and Yamaraj?

Yamaraj is the master of Karma. He is one of the twelve Mahajanas, perfect personality whom we can follow. Originally his name was Dharmaraj; very humble sadhu. During creation when Krishna was allotting seva, He told all the demigods to do specific seva. That time, Dharmaraj came late in the assembly. All the sevas were taken, except one that no one wanted to touch -Dharma Department.

That seva is for putting people in the fire, boiling oil, throwing them in jail, beating them, torturing them, etc. Nobody wanted to take this, including Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma, and Lord Indra due to horrible type of seva. When Dharmaraj came, Krishna asked. My dear Dharmaraj, there is one seva leftover. Can you take it? Dharmaraj being such a wonderful person said, whatever you say my lord I'll do. Then Krishna explained, this is the department. Dharmaraj said, I haven't hurt an ant ever in my life. How will I punish people? How will I cook them in oil? I can't do this. It's not possible. Krishna said that don't worry. I will prepare you for that. Then when Krishna prepared Dharmaraj, he turned into Yamaraj, two personalities. One man into two forms. Dharmaraj is a Vaishnava form and Yamaraj is the Lord of Death & Judgment. Then He told Dharmaraj, from today onwards, you are the judge of death. Even I will not interfere with you in passing a judgment. You have the full right to do. I trust you. I believe you. You have full freedom. That's your department. Krishna blessed him and he turned Yamaraj into a ghastly ferocious form, and he became Lord of Death. At the same time he has such a beautiful form also in the spiritual world as Dharmaraj. That is why Guru & Yama. They both have the final say.

How do we understand the qualities of anger and excessive eating in Bhima?

The goat cannot limit an elephant by his eating capacity. The goat eats little grass, and it should not go tell the elephant you are overeating. Bhima is entirely a different person. He gets angry, and then Krishna says Bhima. Then Bhima keeps quiet the next moment. That is how surrender is. The personality is different. The capacity is different, the way they do things are different. We cannot compare them with ourselves. Our things are entirely different.

Listen to the full class and Q&A by Jagat Sakshi Das:

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